In Service to the King (Part II)

KingdomIn my last blog, I talked about one of the costs of discipleship that Jesus taught on in Luke 14:25-35.  The cost that I focused on from that passage is found in verses 31-33, which uses the imagery of a battle to teach that a disciple of Christ offers all that he or she is and all that he or she has, to Him.  The first question that came to mind when I was reading this was, “Does this mean that we must literally give away everything?  If so, to whom?”  In this blog I want to dive into the details of this surrender a little bit more.

So, in the context of war, even though the victorious king would require all be surrendered to him, he would usually give it back to those people and they were to now use it to serve the King.  All of their resources were to be used for him and in submission to him.  They were to be used to build His kingdom.

This gives us a great picture of what it means to be a servant of God and steward of what He has given us.  We have met the King, and realized that we can’t stand before Him.  So, He has offered us life through Christ, but we come to realize that we are merely stewards of our resources as He directs us how to use them.  So, the question we must ask ourselves is, “How do I make this [all that I am and all that I have] sing for the King?”

Taking Inventory 

I have felt very convicted that I need to take an honest, long look at what God has given me again.  Everything I have is truly from Him…all of my gifts, talents, abilities, and material resources.  I encourage you to join me in taking an inventory of what we have.  I plan on going through this inventory and asking myself, “How is [this] ‘singing for the King’?  How is this furthering the victorious King’s kingdom.  How can I use what God has made me a steward of in a way that most effective in building HIS kingdom?”  Lord willing, this will store up great reward for us in heaven, where we will spend eternity!


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Dustin Schledewitz is originally from western Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a degree in Middle School Math and Science. Soon after, he went to Moody Theological Seminary and graduated with an MDiv, with a pastoral emphasis, in the Spring of 2011. He is currently an associate pastor at Cornerstone Berean Church in Kearney, Nebraska. He has been married for six years to Erin and has a little boy named Elijah.

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