Thank youWhen I was younger I loved playing baseball, and I dreamed of being an MLB pitcher who finds himself standing on the pitching mound during a picture-perfect evening with the lights of the last game of the World Series shining down on me.  Of course, in my imagination it was the ninth inning, two outs, and a full count, with one pitch left to throw.  However, in reality I stood out in the middle of our lawn in Western Nebraska, with the sun beating down on me, staring at the rebound net that served as a catcher for me.  I never made it to the MLB, but that net allowed me to replay that World Series scenario over and over again in my mind.  But, as that rebound net sat outside in the Nebraska weather, exposed to both my repetitive use and the elements of weather, it slowly lost its “responsiveness.”

Home Sweet Home 

This week, as my wife and I prepare to close on our first home, we have responded in thanks to God for His kindness in allowing us to experience this blessing.  However, as I bow in thanks for this amazing gift, I think that I have lost some of my “springy-ness.”  I have realized that God has thrown so many blessings at me, but I have failed to return so many of these blessings to God in the form of thankfulness.  In that process, an attitude of entitlement and pride had increasingly crept in. 

 Thanks For Journaling

In an attempt to restore the responsiveness of my heart to God’s many gifts, which are a result of His grace and mercy, I have started a thankfulness journal.  On the front page I have written James 1:17 – “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” My goal is to sit down before bed and take time to note the many “good and perfect gifts” that I experienced that day, and to turn to the Giver of those gifts in gratitude.  As I have begun this, I have realized that there are so many gifts all around me that are beckoning for my attention.  And as I have responded, I have found myself to have a better attitude and a more positive outlook during my day.  I am also noticing more and more things, and I get excited about writing them down in my journal.  I am thankful for this process of journaling, and I am increasingly amazed at the kindness and goodness of God… I think that my heart is getting some of its “springy-ness” back.



1.       What is something that you are particularly thankful for today?

2.       What aspect(s) of God’s character are revealed in that gift?



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Dustin Schledewitz is originally from western Nebraska. He graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney with a degree in Middle School Math and Science. Soon after, he went to Moody Theological Seminary and graduated with an MDiv, with a pastoral emphasis, in the Spring of 2011. He is currently an associate pastor at Cornerstone Berean Church in Kearney, Nebraska. He has been married for six years to Erin and has a little boy named Elijah.

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